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WOOD VINEGAR FORT WAYNE, IN - Wood Vinegar for Organic Farming

Wood Vinegar USA is available for farmers in  Fort Wayne, IN now.  Fort Wayne, IN has a long history of successful use throughout Asia for a replacement of expensive fossil derived agricultural chemicals. With a growing char and carbon farming industry there is potential for creating a viable market in  Fort Wayne, IN for this sustainable and economical farm input, working towards more economical and natural farming practices. Pre order wood vinegar in  Fort Wayne, IN now! Best quality wood vinegar available in  Fort Wayne, IN from Wood Vinegar USA

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Looking for wood vinegar for organic farming near Fort Wayne City, IN? Wood Vinegar USA produces and supplies wood vinegar and by products for organic agriculture in Fort Wayne. Pre order wood vinegar today! Contact us. Wood vinegar is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that is used in agriculture and as pesticide for plants. 


Wood Vinegar: When wood is subjected to destructive distillation or is greatly heated in close vessels, an acid liquor oozes over with the tar and gaseous products. This acid liquor is the pyroligneous acid or wood vinegar. Wood Vinegar USA now proudly produces wood vinegar and it is available for sale in Fort Wayne, IN. This amazing product is used as an all-natural replacement for your traditional chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Wood vinegar can be applied to the soil surface to help increase the population of beneficial microbe sand to promote plant root growth.

Wood vinegarImproves abiotic stress tolerance to salinity and drought. Stimulates growth by improving absorption through roots. Supports nutrient uptake & prolongs the shelf life. Enhances soil conditions for greater root mass. Improves efficiency of applied fertilizers. Increases tolerance to sodium (Na). Increases nutrient use efficiency.


We supply pure and high-quality wood vinegar direct to Fort Wayne, IN. The wood vinegar is now widely used in agriculture production and for general sanitary purposes. The natural contents make it an attractive alternative to chemical pesticides; it can also promote plant growth and improve soil quality. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. We are one of the biggest wood vinegar suppliers in Fort Wayne, IN.

The Main Chemical components:

  • Acetic acid 34.40 %
  • Propanoic acid 2.00 %
  • Methanol 5.20 %

Packing : 1, 5, 10, 25 , 200, 1000  liter drum or as per customer requirement.

Available in Fort Wayne, IN!

We are encouraging the use of wood vinegar as organic fertilizer and pesticide and offering the highest quality Wood Vinegar product produced with the most advanced processor in Fort Wayne, IN. All of our product is tested before sending, ensuring you a more accurate valuation of using wood vinegar for your specific application.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Wood vinegar, Pyroligneous acid, also called wood acid, is a dark liquid produced by the destructive distillation of wood and other plant materials. The principal components of wood vinegar are acetic acid, acetone and methanol. It was once used as a commercial source for acetic acid. In addition, the vinegar often contains 80-90% water along with some 200 organic compounds.

Wood vinegar is a byproduct from charcoal production. It is a liquid generated from the gas and combustion of fresh wood burning in airless condition. When the gas is cooled, it condenses into liquid. Raw wood vinegar has more than 200 chemicals, such as acetic acid, formaldehyde, ethyl-valerate, methanol, tar, etc. Wood vinegar improves soil quality, eliminates pests and controls plant growth, but is slightly toxic to fish and very toxic to plants if too much is applied. It accelerates the growth of roots, stems, tubers, leaves, flowers, and fruit. In certain cases, it may hold back plant growth if the wood vinegar is applied at different volumes. A study shows that after applying wood vinegar in an orchard, fruit trees produce increased amounts of fruit. Wood vinegar is safe to living matters in the food chain, especially, insects that help pollinate plants.


Organic biomass material is heated in an oxygen reduced environment leading to the thermal decomposition of materials and release of gases (called pyrolysis) – this exhaust smoke is condensed (cooled) into a liquid. The condensate then further separates and refined into Tar, Wood Vinegar and Bio-Oil. Production equipment can vary from basic metal drums or in ground fire pits covered in clay mud with cooled bamboo chimneys to state of the art industrial processors that are completely controlled continuous biomass converters.


Blend with water in a ratio of 1:50 (1 liter wood vinegar and 50 liters water), or up to a ratio of 1:800 (1 liter wood vinegar and 800 liters water). Spray it over plant shoots. Wood vinegar, like hormones, will be absorbed into twigs, trunks, or leaves. Plants will be stronger, and leaves will be greener and resistant to pests and diseases.


1. Farmers can produce wood vinegar from branches trimmed from trees.
Wood vinegar is safe to human beings, animals, plants, and environment.
3. Wood vinegar helps plants to grow better and stronger, and be resistant to pests and diseases.
Crop produce is high quality and safe.
5. Low cost of production attributed to savings from cost of chemicals.


What is Wood Vinegar?

Wood vinegar has a wide range of applications, and it can be everything from a bio-fertilizer, to a seed germinator, to a growth enhancer, to a nematode treatment, and more. Wood vinegar is a light brownish liquid that is produced through the natural act of carbonization.  Wood vinegar has a low pH (around 3) and contains a variety of organic compounds, which include: organic acetic acids, phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, ester, acetals, ketone, formic acid, vitamin B1, B2, levorotatory dextran, and many others. These various elements can work synergistically for a greater outcome.

Wood vinegar has a long history of successful use throughout Asia as an organic growth booster and bio-fertilizer substitute in place of expensive fossil-derived agriculture chemicals.

There’s even evidence of successful use dating back thousands of years in the Amazon and even during the 1900s, when substantial factories saw a huge boost in commercial growth as they produced wood vinegar with creosote as a source of acetic acid. Buy Wood Vinegar

How does Wood Vinegar Work?

Wood vinegar reduces the cluster value of water to 1/3.  This means that the water is activated and can be easily absorbed by the plants, because water with a low cluster value is in a very small mass, which increases the penetration rate. Each of these masses will hold one or few mineral elements, and these elements can be easily taken into the crops.  This will greatly reduce the use of agrochemicals; however, the solution should not be used with alkaline chemicals. Order Wood Vinegar!

Has this product been tested?

Wood vinegar has been used by people for agricultural purposes for reportedly a thousand years, give or take.  It’s a product in use today by many countries like Japan and India, and it’s beginning to see more study and distribution in the United States and Canada.