Wood Vinegar Premium Organic Fertilizer

Plant uses of wood vinegar

List of wood vinegar uses:


1. 50% reduction of fertilisers and pesticides with the use of 1:500 WV water mix.
2. Enhances roots
3. 200:1 for 24hrs soak seeds improves genrmination
4. Ester darkens leaves to increase photosynthesis
5. Regulates nutrients and microbiological population in soil
6. Better uptake of roots
7. Better tasting and higher sugar contents in fruits
8. Increases resistance to disease
9. Organic Pesticide and anti fungus
10. Speeds up Composting

At 500 times dilution, wood vinegar can reduce the cluster value of water to 1/3. This means that the water is activated and can be easily absorbed by the plants because water with a low cluster value is in a very small mass. Each of these masses will hold one or few mineral elements. These elements can be easily taken into the plants.

The concentration of agro-chemicals or liquid fertilizers can be reduced by 50% if it is diluted in a 500 times dilution solution of wood vinegar due to its higher permeation. This will greatly reduce the use of agro-chemicals. However, it should not be used with alkaline chemicals.

"What is wood Vinegar?" is a video that presents basic facts about wood vinegar. We explain what Wood Vinegar is made up of and wood vinegar's claimed benefits and uses.

What is wood vinegar?

Woodvinegar.org aims to create awareness about organic fertilizer, wood vinegar (Pyroligneous acid), and a global coalition connecting farmers with the resources they need to contribute to an ecologically sound food system and prosperous planet. The mission is carried out through the three pillars of the organization: information exchange, outreach and advocacy.

Our success and the use of wood vinegar as an natural fertilizer will increase the use and understanding of ecological agriculture practices throughout the world while advancing appreciation for farmers and their work. By empowering local farmers to develop site-specific adaptations of sustainable agriculture principles that serve them, their soil, and their community, woodvinegar.org will help build a prosperous future by connecting a global community of growers and creating a culture where these growers can thrive.